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Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets
Wood Pellets
Product Code : Wood Pellets
Brand Name : Wood Pellets
Product Description


  • Good quality and best raw materials
  • Good pressed bales 
  • Less moisture
  • We are a professional manufacturer for these products
  • Environment Friendly and healthy
  • Simply use
  • Natural materials
  • Good quality and service
  • Competitive price
  • Secure order/ fastest shipping

Wood pellets fuel is a limitless and environment friendly fuel source. It is a clean-burning and cost stable home heating alternatives. To burn wood pellet is a good way to divert millions of tons of waste from landfills and timber industry and turn it into energy. Their free-flowing characteristics make them easy to handle and ideal for automatic heating systems.

wood pellet fuel is renewable and does less harm to our environment. It does not add more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere as it absorbs the same amount of carbon in growing as it releases when consumed as a fuel.
Wood pellet fuel is an important source of energy and the most important fuel worldwide after coal, oil and natural gas. Anybody who is involved in this line of business is actually making the contribution to the earth, the home land of the human beings.
Using pellet fuel reduces our dependence on oil, natural gas and propane – all non-renewable fossil fuels
Pellet fuel is a renewable fuel when wood is derived from sustainable sources. Using locally-sourced pellet fuel circulates your fuel dollar in the local economy, rather than exporting your fuel dollar for oil or propane sourced from outside our region.

Displacing fossil fuels with pellet fuels reduces the emission of greenhouses gases such as carbon dioxide, thereby helping to mitigate climate change

Since pellet stove and boiler emissions are comparatively low, they are often allowed in areas that have conventional wood burning restrictions

Only minimal clearance is needed for appliance installation. Because of the near total combustion (around 98.5%) pellet stoves produce virtually no creosote. This also allows installation of a pellet stove by direct vent... without a chimney.

One ton of wood pellets has the heat value of about one and a half cords of wood and stacks easily in one third the space. This makes it possible to easily store fuel for the entire season.



6-12 mm





Moisture content


Ash content


Sulfur content



>4953 Kcal/kg



Thermal efficiency


Burning rate