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      whey protein powder

      whey protein powder

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      Whey Protein Isolate Sports Nutrition Supplement 
      1.No artificial sweeteners or flavors 
      3.Gold Standard 
      4.US Made

      Whey Protein Isolate Sports Nutrition Supplement 

      1. 20 Grams of Protein Per Serving
      2. Mixes Easily
      3. rBGH Free
      4. Cross Flow Micro Filtered and Hydrolyzed
      5. Processed at Low Temperatures
      6. Gluten Free
      7. No Artificial Sweeteners
      8. Suitable for Lacto Vegetarians
      9. Dietary Supplement

      Efficient utilization in the body due to its high BV

      Natural source of branched chain amino acids

      Potent source of lactalbumin

      Unique source of immunoglobulins


      1. Complete essential amino acid profile
      2. Superior biological protein value
      3. Highly efficient cross flow micro filtered whey isolate and concentrate and hydrolyzed whey concentrate
      4. Low heat, non chemical whey extraction process
      5. With free form L Glutamine
      6. Free form branched chain amino acids, BCAAs
      7. Free of gluten
      8. No artificial sweeteners or flavors
      9. Low in Fat
      10. Easy to mix
      11. 98 percent lactose free
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