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Mileage Enhancer & Car fuel Saver (Petrol,Diesel,LPG,CNG)

Mileage Enhancer & Car fuel Saver (Petrol,Diesel,LPG,CNG)

Product Details:


Product Description


Specially designed patented fuel saver which is very easy to install. 
Saves 28% to 40% of fuel in petrol,diesel & CNG LPG cars 


For more installation pictures please visit our website  or directly contact us through our contact us page.


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How Does Automobile Fuel Conservator Works

This fuel saver is a frequency resonator that uses neodymium permanent magnetic circuit , which breaks and realigns the big hydrocarbon chains in the fuel passing through the fuel line of your vehicles. The magnetic field created by this fuel saver tends to ionize fuel fed to the engine, which intern produces complete combustion, maximizes fuel economy, and improves fuel efficiency and reduces polluting emissions. By installing the product close to automobile carbonator/injection system, the fuel flow will become more smoother and uniformly distributed thus boosting engine performance, using less fuel.


Product Benefits

  • Saves Fuel : Up to 28% to 40% percent of fuel (Petrol ,Diesl,LPG & CNG )and improves thermal efficiency, which means more energy in less fuel.
  • Quick Start Action : Fuel treatment starts as soon as the fuel is passed through it.
  • Boost Engine Power : As fuel burns completely, it produces more pressure on the piston to deliver more vehicle acceleration.
  • Improves Engine Life : All un-burnt carbon deposits are cleaned due to complete combustion providing soother movements of engine parts.
  • Reduces Pollution : Fuel particles are completely exhausted, thus produces less smoke and pollution.
  • Maintains Warranty : Works well in all types of Light and Heavy Vehicles and does not voids vehicle Warranty


Product Specifications


  • IS-319 Extra Strong heavy brass metallic design (Product Life 5 years)
  • Made from U.S.  based technology, used by NASA in their space shuttles.
  • C.E. Safety Compliant product manufactured by an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.
  • Palestinian Government Certified for Safety Compliance
  • Saves at least 28% to 40% of Petrol ,Diesel ,LPG ,CNG Consumption
  • 80% Reduction in hydrocarbons & Carbon monoxide emissions
  • Zero Maintenance & Quick & Easy Installation
  • Fits with all types of saloon & sedan cars (Maruti, Wagnor,Alto,Hudai Santro,I10,Honda Accord,Honda City etc)
  • 2 Year Warranty


Efficiency Certificates from Reorganized Government Test Laboratories (Please find certificates on conservexenergy site)


  • NSIC Certified & Patented product from Government of India (31.63%)
  • ITALABS (ONGC) (55 %)
  • Taiwan Gas Lab Certified products (52.70%)

We have other product ranges for DG Sets ,Truck, Tractors & Industrial Burners . Our product ranges are supplied across 40 Countries since last 10 years through channel of distributors and reseller networks.

Information on key customers and installtion pictures are available on our website conservexenergy .

For more installation pictures please visit our website  or directly contact us through our contact us page.

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